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Running Champion Bernard Lagat and Nandi Initiation

It is fascinating to me all the places that I hear or see or read glimpses of temple theology, the “scattered fragments” of ritual tradition.  As Nibley found out, and taught extensively, these remnants are found all around us, everywhere.  My wife was listening to the radio on the way to the grocery store last […]

Temple Preparation

One of the most frequent questions I receive from readers is “how should I prepare to go to the temple?”  Or if it is not for them personally, “how do I help someone else prepare to go to the temple?”  It is an important question, and one that should be carefully considered. Preparing to go […]

Mormon Impressions of Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’

I just finished Dan Brown’s latest thriller, The Lost Symbol, which was published a few days ago on September 15th.  There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding this book, since 6 years have passed since the publication of his bestseller The Da Vinci Code, with 80 million copies sold worldwide to date.  Many wondered […]

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