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Video: Mormon Temples – A Walkthrough Tour of LDS Temples

The LDS Church Public Affairs has just published a fantastic video explaining what temples are all about to Mormons.  In it they have a conversation with Elder William R. Walker, Executive Director of the Church Temple Department.  Elder Walker gives a great walkthrough tour of LDS temples, somewhat like a video walking tour through many […]

The Virtual Design of Temples

Have you ever wondered what goes into the design of new temples? How much is planned ahead of time?  To what extent do they know what the temple will look like when it is finished?  What level of detail is thought about even before construction begins? I have thought those things many times before, and […]

Inside the Salt Lake Temple

Fifteen years ago, a great article appeared in the March 1993 Ensign entitled, “In His Holy House.” Several articles in this edition of the Ensign were focused on the Salt Lake Temple. This particular article had large photographs of the interior of the Salt Lake Temple that are not often seen today. These photos were […]

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