1. I remember reading Hugh Nibley’s comments on this, and thinking of the Jewish dances we did in my Hebrew class at the Y. I’m interested to read the rest of your paper, post it soon!

  2. Mark Greene

    I have framed on my wall a series of nine deep space galaxies photographed by Hubble. This series I titled “The Marvelous Light of His Goodness” because at the center of each galaxy is a brilliant light. Light and creation from the “Father of lights” is another interesting topic but after reading your paper on the genesis of the ring dance, I noticed that all of these galaxies form ring patterns around this central light.

  3. Very interesting. There is such a bright light at the center of our galaxy as well, made up of millions of stars, which surrounds what scientists think is a black hole at the very center, and the most powerful forces known to man exist at that point in space.

    It is interesting the connection of temple practices with the cosmos, even the structure and motion of the cosmos, hence all of the astrological symbolism on our temples. We are being taught something here, to cast our gaze up to the sky, to think on God and his dwelling place.

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