1. Thanks for your insights on the temple. The Testament of Levi is a fascinating book. I don’t always know what to make of these parallels. My curiosity and struggles with such findings are reflected in my essay Temple Symbols Surround Us.

    Clearly, Levitical temple practices were not identical to modern LDS ones. Yet, there are correlations. In any case, I appreciate your cogent analyses and observations as I try to make sense of it all.

  2. Roger Gardiner

    Hi Bryce,
    Re the painting on this post ‘A Levite Priest holds up Holy Hands’ Am I mistaken or have I witnessed a similiar action undertaken by Jews, whilst they pray at the ‘Wailing Wall’ today?


    Roger Gardiner
    Glasgow Scotland

  3. They may do something similar while they are praying at the wall. I personally have not witnessed it, but there are many religious traditions that use uplifted hands as a part of prayer, which is interesting from an LDS perspective.

  4. anthony Josè Lòpez A.

    Me parece fascinante estos temas, realmente uno puede percibir la belleza del evangelio al leer textos de esta magnitud, el espíritu santo, me testifica aun mas que esta obra es una obra de Dios. Agradecido a los expertos en esta materia que aclaran un poco mas estas relevantes verdades.

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