1. I enjoy all the parallels and similarities but I’m not so sure it points to a one time transfer or teaching of a certain pattern. I think dancing in a circle while holding hands is as natural as can be. If you removed all references to round dances in the entire world and a new generation grew up on a clean slate of cultural influence I think you would see round dances reemerge quite readily on playgrounds. I think there is something intrinsically unifying about the posture of gathering in a circle facing inward and that that posture is very natural for a group of social beings. I think taking that natural behavior and putting it in the context of cosmic movements, temples, altars, dance etc. is what makes it beautiful and so rich.

  2. So, I guess you would agree then that there is something more meaningful and fundamental in round dancing than the superficial act itself. There is something that draws us to round dancing, to take that position, and to follow that pattern. The circle itself, and circular structure and motion, naturally has connections with the cosmos, or in other words, religion.

    Although I do believe that the more formal patterns that are nearly identical in form and particularly geared towards divine worship, and are found in disparate and detached cultures and times, are more than mere coincidence or natural urge. There is something more going on than just instinct for the same ritual motif to show up in so many places.

    Another point I might make is that these things did not have to come from one particular source in time. As Latter-day Saints we believe that there have been a number of dispensations since Adam when God has revealed His gospel pattern to man on earth, and during which the same ritual pattern may have been revealed and reinstituted. This in addition to light and truth which God bestows upon all man on earth according to their wants and desires to follow Him.

    Thanks for your comment.

    P.S. I didn’t have the last part 6 linked at the end of the article. I have fixed that now.

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