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Was Baptism for the Dead Practiced Deep Inside the Walls of St. Paul’s Basilica?

There is an email being forwarded around that claims that there is a baptismal font deep inside the Basilica of St. Paul that was used for the purposes of baptism for the dead. Here is the text of the original email: This photo was taken by Kevin Barton, grandson of Keith Barton, a Stake Patriarch, […]

Will The “Heathen” Most Likely All Be Exalted?

I had a conversation a few months ago about this question.  Those that I were discussing this with made the argument that the “heathen,” the term my correspondent used for those who’ve never heard a part or portion of the gospel in mortality, are without the gospel law in mortality, and therefore they will be […]

Early Christian Face Veiling

I came across some references to early Christian ritual vestments this morning in Matthew Brown’s The Gate of Heaven.  He cited The Awe-Inspiring Rites of Initiation by Edward Yarnold, and The Archæology of Baptism by Wolfred N. Cote.  I looked up these references and they were intriguing in describing an early Christian practice of face […]

The Founding Fathers’ Temple Work

Since tomorrow is Independence Day, I thought I might say a word about our Founding Fathers.  We are deeply indebted to all the noble men and women who sacrificed their lives to establish this country of the United States of America some 232 years ago, and to make this country a free land.  Through their […]

The Egyptian Ankh, “Life! Health! Strength!” – Part 2

(Continued from Part 1, which has been updated) As I mentioned in Part 1, the more interesting aspects of the Egyptian ankh are not necessarily what it means standing alone, but how the Egyptians used it in their texts and illustrations. There are three principal ways that the Egyptians used the ankh symbol, by itself, […]

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