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Working Toward Zion

We’re not there yet. As much as we on the Wasatch Front believe that Zion is here at last, and even though we have one of the lowest poverty rates in the country, still one in ten people who live in our community is living in poverty.  Where Zion is a people who are of […]

Honesty Precedes Zion

I received this scripture and quote in my inbox today. And let every man deal honestly, and be alike among this people, and receive alike, that ye may be one, even as I have commanded you. (D&C 51:9) Brigham Young taught that honesty preceded Zion, and that when this was achieved by the Saints, there […]

Hugh Nibley Quotes from Approaching Zion

The following quotes are from Hugh Nibley’s Approaching Zion volume, and were compiled by Chad Merrill.  I am grateful that he shared them with me, and gave me permission to share them with you. They are great quotes from that singular book, one of my favorites of all time, and one which I am currently […]

Prayer Circles and the Power of Group Thinking in Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’

(This is a continuation of my thoughts about The Lost Symbol from my previous post.) One of the themes taken up again and again in Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol is the idea of power in group thinking and concentration.  Katherine’s character in particular is engaged in the scientific study of producing physical […]

What Do You Want To See on TempleStudy.com?

Some of you may remember the survey I posted here on TempleStudy.com back in May.  It was a huge success.  Many of you responded to my request for feedback, even those of you who don’t normally comment.  Some of you gave me great compliments, for which I am very thankful, and many also gave suggestions […]

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