1. This topic really interests me. Clearly the Original Church had the endowment, when and who had what portions of the endowment at later stages is very interesting. In-fact, these later apostate stages give us many clues about what they knew, because these groups wrote about the hidden things of God more openly than the earlier stages.

    Forgive my self-serving, but a most critical part of this study is Bishop Cyril. I have a link to his lectures on the “mysteries” at my web site. They were given as a temple prep class to those receiving their endowments. [LINK]

    This is good stuff.


  2. Yes, it is very interesting. I love finding these things because it confirms the genuineness of our own forms, and that they did exist when Christ restored things in the meridian of time. Yes, they definitely had the endowment. Many of the later apostate groups became known as the Gnostics, which all claimed to have the special knowledge that Christ gave to his disciples in the 40 days He was with them after the resurrection. Today, no one knows what that special knowledge was, or if it even existed. We are blessed to have it restored in our temples in the latter-days.

    Cyril’s lectures at Jerusalem are very fascinating. I might break them down one of these days on Temple Study. The section on the anointing in lecture 3 is particularly striking.

  3. Thanks for posting, I love this stuff, very fascinating. It is amazing what you can uncover when you have a heart that can feel, ears that hear and eyes that can see.

  4. Thanks Doc. I love it too. There is an endless assortment of these kind of evidences for the restored gospel. This is what I hope to provide a better glimpse of on this blog.

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