1. Nice site. I got the link from David over at Mormon Mysticism, a good friend of mine. I just wanted to say keep up the good research and studies.

  2. Thanks Kerry. I have been pleased to hear from apologists such as yourself who have given me much encouragement with the site. I’m an amateur by all means and measurements, but I have a burning testimony of the truth. I have read your blog and heard your podcasts as well, and find them very inspiring. Most recently your connections between the gospel and quantum physics was quite thought provoking.

  3. Mark Greene

    In thinking further about your interesting paper on the genesis of the ring dance, I remembered that there is a marvelous example of a prayer circle and therefore a type of ring dance in the Book of Mormon. While teaching 2500 people at the temple of Bountiful, Christ organized them in concentric rings of righteousness and then He prayed with them. He was the center of these rings. Then came a ring of little children; next a ring of fire and angels; with the outer ring made up of righteous adults (see 3 Nephi 17:12, 15, 23-25). The message in forming these concentric rings of righteousness was in visual representation of the Savior’s imperatives found in 3 Nephi 11:37-38. To come unto Christ and become like Him we as adults must become sanctified little children. Mark Greene

  4. […] Rick Huchel is LDS and a long-time student of  the Temple. He is an independent research historian and resides in North Logan, Utah. Was employed as a specialist in temple matters for the LDS Church translation department. It was great to have Bro. Huchel as a fine representative of the LDS Church at this conference. His presentation was one of the highlights of the program. This presentation is a much abbreviated version of a 100 page paper written on the topic. I also recommend looking at Bryce Haymond’s related post at http://www.templestudy.com.) […]

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