1. Mark Hammer

    So what is your take on King Lamoni being caught WITH guile? (See Alma 18:23)

    To my knowledge, it is the only positive mention of guile in the scriptures.

  2. David

    I know that this is an old post, but I found it while I was researching the same verse and I thought I should share what I learned.
    Lamoni was caught with his self deceiving guile. He believed that Ammon was the Great Spirit and to Ammon’s credit he did not exploit the king and his subjects as he could have tried to make himself king and rule over them. Instead he had love for them and taught them the gospel. A similar use of the word is found in 2 Cor. 12:16 where Paul speaks of how to know if one is a true Apostle of the Lord. He says, “being crafty, I caught you with guile.” From the surrounding verses we learn that he is teaching them that while he could, he never burdened or exploited them for gain. This is a mark or characteristic of true apostleship according to Paul.

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