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The Apotheosis of Washington

I watched an interesting show last night, Secret America on Discovery, and learned some interesting things.  One of them was that there is a large fresco painted on the inside of the dome of the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building.  It is called “The Apotheosis of Washington” and was painted by an Italian […]

Can You Accidentally Worship the Devil?

Now that is an odd thing to say, and sounds silly, yet it is precisely what some of our critics claim members of the Church are doing, especially in the design and function of our temples.  This is the premise of a great new blog post by James Carroll at Amateur Scriptorians called “The Language […]

Nibley’s latest – “An Approach to the Book of Abraham”

In case you missed it, the inexhaustible Hugh Nibley is still hard at work churning out volume after volume of incredibly insightful reading material on a host of subjects relevant to the Church.  As I heard one person remark, “Hugh Nibley wouldn’t let a little thing like death slow him down!” Indeed, the presses are […]

“The Cosmic Ring-Dance of the Angels” by Frederick M. Huchel

Some of you may remember my paper The Genesis of the Round Dance that I posted early in the life of  It was a paper I wrote for a BYU Dance Department Symposium a few years ago that addressed the ancient ubiquitous practice of ring dancing, particularly as connected with religious worship and prayer.  […]

Notes on Sacred Space Symposium at Juvenile Instructor

I’ve been taking notes this morning at the Sacred Space symposium at BYU, and was thinking of posting my scribbles.  But instead of reinventing the wheel, you might want to check out the great notes at the Juvenile Instructor blog.  Jared and Ben are doing a fantastic job over there of summarizing the presentations.  I […]

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