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Book Reviews, Abstracts, Enoch Material at Academy for Temple Studies

I want to draw your attention to great new temple-related material which has been posted at the Academy for Temple Studies website at TempleStudies.org. An “Enoch and the Temple” conference occurred in February 2013, with a keynote by George Nickelsburg. Videos of the conference are now available. The Temple Studies Bibliography has been updated again, […]

Mormon Channel Episodes on the Law of Consecration and The United Order

I noted a couple days ago in my discussion about the law of consecration that there was an episode available from the Church’s official Mormon Channel on this topic, as well as on the United Order.  I think these are areas where we, as a people, lack significant knowledge and correct understanding, and I would recommend […]

Are We Required to Live the Law of Consecration, Now?

I hear this a lot from members of the Church.  In fact just two days ago, I had someone ask me this very question after reading some of the quotes from Nibley in Approaching Zion:  “So then are we required to live the law of concecration now?“ To that question I would pose a counter […]

Reflections on Temple Discussion

Of course many of you know that we had a discussion about the temple this past Sunday on Google Hangouts.  I hope you were able to listen in or watch.  If not, a recording is available. I’m curious to get your feedback on the fireside discussion.  Some questions in my mind are: Was it helpful to […]

TempleStudy.com Fireside Discussion – Introduction

Welcome to our first fireside discussion at TempleStudy.com!  This discussion is taking place with a new innovative tool from Google called Hangouts, and specifically Hangouts on Air.  This allows up to ten panelists to take part in a discussion with full video/audio of each participant.  The “on air” portion means that it is streamed live […]

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