1. Bryce:

    Would you then contend that what we often call the preexistence, had a temple,
    and it was the same temple that is in the Celestial kingdom. Or in other words, are you saying the preexistence is the Celestial Kingdom?


  2. Thanks for the comment. Your question is an interesting one. The preexistence, better termed premortality, was the celestial kingdom because it was God’s home and we dwelt in his presence there, and it did have a temple. It is our goal to return to the celestial kingdom. But the future celestial kingdom that we will inherit through faithfulness will be somewhat different, if it is not solely by local. We are taught that our celestial kingdom will eventually be right here on earth, once it has been cleansed, purified, and celestialized (Isa. 65:17; Rev. 21:1; D&C 45:58; D&C 63:20-21; D&C 77:1; D&C 84:101; D&C 88:17-18; etc…). This portion of the celestial kingdom did not exist yet, because the earth had not been created yet. It still doesn’t exist, for it will not be established until the earth is glorified and made new. Then God’s glory and kingdom will expand and extend to fill this sphere. Here we will be in the presence of God and have a temple as well. Whether it is the same temple as existed in our premortal state, it is hard to say. I tend to believe that it is the same, unless God establishes different celestial temples for each of his creations.

    What is certain is that wherever God is, there is his temple. And wherever the temple is, there is God.

  3. What do you say about Revelation 21:22 where it says,
    “And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.”?
    This seems to imply that the Celestial City has no need of a Temple b/c a Temple represents the presence of God…and in the Celestial Kingdom, we have the presence of God with us.

  4. The celestial city itself IS the temple. Most of chapter 21 is describing the heavenly temple. It is the temple that has twelve gates (v. 12), and twelve foundations (v. 14). It is the temple that has a wall of jasper and streets of pure gold like glass (v. 18, 21). John is describing the heavenly temple. Heaven itself, where God dwells, is a temple. There was no temple therein because the visionary was already inside.

  5. Rex Case

    The celestial temple where Gods literal throne sits was described by Joseph smith and seen by Abraham. the celestial temple in new j that Joseph planed to build is basically a replica. the literal temple of god is celestial. the current endowment that we have is thru terrestrial temples..

    the true celestial temple has none of the preparatory steps of initiation and is a place of general assembly with throne and platform in the center. the top of the ark of the covenant is a physical rep of the same as described by Issiah of the court of the seraphim. (same description as by js) six wings or sections on each side the throne or mercy seat in the center.

    It also helps that I had memories restored of this place while in the MTC… I read JS account and description years later. and have an aunt whom has also had a few blurbs of memories. mine was a solid equivalent 15 minute time window and still remember it very well. it makes understanding the symbols and teachings a breeze. (call it cheating if you want)

    is there a temple in the ck…. yes and no. when he is there the structure is for general assembly. when he is present technically God is the Temple just as john the Revelator said. when God is present in the “Temple” in new j.. it is the celestial temple because because He is Physically present.. or with a more temporal touch in principal.. whichever aircraft the president of the USA is on is called air force 1 but there are many aircraft… that same aircraft with the VP is called air force 2… air force one is wherever the pres goes… Don’t know if that helps anyone:)

  6. Joseph Murphy

    Premortal existence in January 31 1956.
    For Joseph the righter

    I was an angel in heaven and during Flight, I lost my wings falling from heaven.
    I was briefly in the celestial kingdom in the air its self during flight.
    And lost my angelic wings.
    God passes a message at some point in my fall.
    Message begins.
    Now go forth and teach the people of these things that you see and do here.
    And that you are a part of here.
    So that they might believe.
    end of message.

    I believe there was a temple of god in heaven.
    But I don’t remember it.
    I have my own art work done from memory in heaven.
    I broke my right leg during my fall in heaven.
    And it shows up on moderne Day X-Rays as destroyed bone with broken particles.
    That is my proof of my life in heaven.
    I was raised in church of christ, Converted to LDS belief in 1990.

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