Monthly Archives: November 2009 website launches!

My brother and I are pleased to announce the launch of our latest project—the website!  This new website has been in design and development for the past month, and we are happy to finally be able to announce today that it is available. is a website that allows members of the Church to […]

The Promises Made to the Fathers

My father is on the High Council in the Riverton Utah Stake, and this past Sunday he was asked to speak in a ward about the temple and family history work.  He sent me his talk, and I thought it was good and thought provoking.  I thought you might like it too.  -Bryce By Mark […]

Temple Worship by Elder John A. Widtsoe

Occasionally you encounter a talk or book or article that is a classic.  Elder John A. Widtsoe‘s talk on “Temple Worship” given at a meeting of the Genealogical Society of Utah at the Assembly Hall in Salt Lake on October 12, 1920, is one of those talks.  There are portions of this talk that many […]

Anointing Rite in the Orthodox Church

David Larsen at Heavenly Ascents continues to provide excellent notes from his attendance at the Temple Studies Group Symposium in London last weekend.  Recently he posted his notes on Archimandrite Ephrem‘s presentation about the Holy Oil in the Orthodox Church.  Father Ephrem gave out a handout which included detailed notes on the anointing rite in […]

Poll – Top Things that Interfere with Regular Temple Attendance?

In the April General Conference earlier this year Elder Richard G. Scott spoke about the temple.  He said: I have seen that many times individuals have made great sacrifices to go to a distant temple. But when a temple is built close by, within a short time, many do not visit it regularly.  I have […]

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