1. Jack

    I love this. Though I would reiterate that the division between the exoteric and the esoteric *broadly* corresponds to modern worship. There are elements of both (exo & eso) from the ancient world that cross over each other in the modern world.

    And If I may — a little plug: It is precisely this kind work (done by Hamblin and others) that helps us discover the beauty and *richness* of LDS texts. I hope we don’t see a “letting up” of sorts on the meticulous study of ancient texts.

  2. Terry Hutchinson

    I believe this artwork is from Ariel, Israel & Richman, Chaim, Carta’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, The Temple Institute, Carta, Jerusalem, (2005). Should they be credited?

  3. I know one is from Archaeology Illustrated, by Balage Balogh, as it still bears the watermark.

    The images were found on Google Images, and not always accompanied by a source. Some of them probably did come from that book, but not all. Thank you for giving the credit.

  4. JR

    My Mother’s brother converted to Catholicism for his second wife. (My Mother and siblings were raised Southern Baptist. My Mother converted to LDS) He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I attended his funeral and a few weeks after the funeral I asked his wife the differences between the Catholic church and the Orthodox. She was not sure of all the differences but told me some things. It was interesting. So was my Uncle’s funeral. The Catholics and Orthodox churches have some remnants/similarities of the ancient Temple ceremonies in their Mass. The Orthodox have a Holy of Holies. During the Mass for my Uncle I could see similarities between the Mass and what we do in the Temple. My Aunt has no idea why Mass is done the way it is or why certain things are used in Mass, and she is very Catholic, born of Irish parents and raised in Catholic Philadelphia. She is very knowledgeable in other areas of Catholicism though. I love the information from ancient texts and grateful to those who study the texts give us this information.

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