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Evolution? My First Impressions

For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth…  And out of the ground made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree, naturally, that is pleasant to the sight of man; and man could behold it. And it became […]

Death Before the Fall? First Impressions

This is a follow-up to “The Age of the Earth” post, although I suppose that one was really laying the groundwork for this one.  This is where everything comes to a head (like the one shown here).  Was there death before the Fall of Adam and Eve?  It is a very delicate question, because there […]

The Age of the Earth? First Impressions

I recently came across an issue that has troubled some members of the Church. It is simply that some scriptures and the words of some Church leaders seem to indicate that the Earth is only about 6000-7000 years old, and that there was no death before the Fall of Adam and Eve.  This causes significant […]

The Creation, God Introducing Adam and Eve – An Illustration by Jean Fouquet

Every once and a while I’ll come upon an antiquarian painting, print, fresco, sculpture or other art piece that peaks my interest. This is one of them. This is an illustration by Jean Fouquet from a french translation manuscript of Josephus‘ Jewish Antiquities.  It is entitled, “The Creation, God Introducing Adam and Eve,” and dates […]

16th Century Sculpture of the Marriage of Adam and Eve

Just a couple days ago I came across a sculpture that caught my attention.  Although unsigned and undated, it is widely believed that it was created by the Flemish sculptor and medallist Guillielmus Paludanus in 1567 as part of a chimney mantelpiece at his home in Antwerp, Belgium.  It is described as espousing the virtue […]

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