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The New FARMS – Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

I have been through quite a range of emotions the last few weeks. I’ve felt utter despair, grief, and sorrow, as well as bitterness, confusion, and great disappointment. Through it all I’ve been blessed with comfort from our Heavenly Father beyond measure, and by experiences too sacred to share. It’s been a roller coaster of […]

Hugh Nibley’s on Twitter! And has a Blog

Well, not really.  But it sure seems so!   Nibley’s family organization Hugh Nibley & Associates has organized a Twitter feed and a new blog, HughNibley.net, dedicated to Hugh Nibley’s work.  The Twitter feed includes quotes from Hugh at least once every day, as if he were tweeting, which I’m sure he would scoff at, but […]

Ancient Sealed Metal Plates with Perhaps Secret Temple Texts discovered in Middle East?

UPDATE: See the latest updates about this discovery at Jordanian Lead Plates: Authentic or Forgery? – David Larsen at HeavenlyAscents.com has pointed out an interesting recent discovery (see his posts here and here).  A collection of dozens of books made from metal plates have been found in Jordan that initial tests show date from the […]

Nibley’s ‘One Eternal Round’ Magnum Opus Published

I know a lot of people who have been waiting for this book for many years.  One Eternal Round is the 19th volume in The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, and is his magnum opus, the volume of materials he worked on for a very long time until the end of his life.  The book […]

The Christmas Story and the Temple

Recently I’ve been pondering the place of the temple in the Christmas story.  Last week my wife and I attended the Conference Center performance of Savior of the World which was very well done and depicted the birth and resurrection of Christ.  One of the first scenes involved the temple at Jerusalem.  As I have […]

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