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The Oxford Commencement as the Oldest Degree Ceremonies Extant: A Reprise

A couple days ago my mind returned to some posts I made back in the infancy of TempleStudy.com in 2008.  These posts were about the commencement exercises at Oxford University.  Now that seems quite odd, doesn’t it?  What would commencement exercises have anything to do with the temple?  Well let me tell you.  The Oxford […]

The Degree Ceremonies of Oxford University – Part 4

(Continued from Part 3) Some more tidbits of information from Wells’ The Oxford Degree Ceremonies that might interest you: The oath or charge to “observe the ‘statutes, privileges, customs and liberties’ of his university” and the accompanying affirmation “Do fidem” (“I swear”) are most likely over 700 years old, and initially were important to keep […]

The Degree Ceremonies of Oxford University – Part 3

(Continued from Part 2) For those of you who don’t want to wade through my analysis of the Oxford degree ceremony in the last part, or if you’d just like to see what the presentation is like, the degree ceremony that took place on September 28, 2007 at Oxford University was formally videotaped and posted […]

The Degree Ceremonies of Oxford University – Part 2

(Continued from Part 1) Dr. Hugh Nibley’s opening remarks in his earthshaking address, “Leaders to Managers: The Fatal Shift,” given at the BYU commencement ceremony on August 19, 1983, would have fit even more perfectly in an Oxford setting. In refering to his statement in a commencement prayer he gave in 1960 in which he […]

The Degree Ceremonies of Oxford University – Part 1

The University of Oxford in Oxford, England is “the oldest university in the English-speaking world”.  It is also one of the “world’s leading academic institutions”.  Its history dates back to the 11th century CE, and its Christian ties are evident from its crest which reads “The Lord is my Light” in Latin.  When an argument […]

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