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The Egyptian Ankh, “Life! Health! Strength!” – Part 4

(Continued from Part 3) In the last parts of our series on the Egyptian hieroglyph of the ankh, and other related symbols, I’d like to look at where these symbols are found on the extant portions of the Joseph Smith Papyri, related documents, and the facsimiles of the Book of Abraham, to see if Joseph […]

Brief Intro to the Joseph Smith Papyri and Book of Abraham

Note:  This was going to be the next part of the series on the Egyptian ankh, and its relationship with the papyri and Book of Abraham, but I thought an intro to these first would be a better place to start. Let’s return again to the subject of the ankh, and related symbols, that we’ve […]

Time and Eternity: An Egyptian Dualism

As I was researching for the posts on the ankh, I came across some information which was interesting, describing the Egyptian concept of “time” and “eternity.” These concepts almost seem repetitive and redundant to our modern way of thinking, but to the Egyptians each of these terms represented something concrete and distinct, and both were […]

The Egyptian Ankh, “Life! Health! Strength!” – Part 3

(Continued from Part 2) The ankh symbol appears frequently with several other hieroglyphics in certain formulas and invocations that immediately call our attention.  These are wedja, seneb, djed, & was. This table summarizes the different possible explanations for these hieroglyphics that I have been able to find: 

The Egyptian Ankh, “Life! Health! Strength!” – Part 2

(Continued from Part 1, which has been updated) As I mentioned in Part 1, the more interesting aspects of the Egyptian ankh are not necessarily what it means standing alone, but how the Egyptians used it in their texts and illustrations. There are three principal ways that the Egyptians used the ankh symbol, by itself, […]

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