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The New FARMS – Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

I have been through quite a range of emotions the last few weeks. I’ve felt utter despair, grief, and sorrow, as well as bitterness, confusion, and great disappointment. Through it all I’ve been blessed with comfort from our Heavenly Father beyond measure, and by experiences too sacred to share. It’s been a roller coaster of […]

FAIR Conference Coming Soon, Temple Topics and FARMS to be Addressed

I thought I’d take a moment and give a shout out for The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR) and their 14th annual conference coming up in less than a month, on August 2-3, 2012, in Sandy, Utah.  I have attended this conference in years past (which I liveblogged in 2008), and I will be […]

Parables & Poems, Literature Springs Forth in Maxwell Institute Discord

It’s amazing how people wax literary in climates such as these.  Sometimes common language just doesn’t do the subject matter justice, and understanding is not well communicated.  Thus the use of parables and poems.  One of the reasons Christ taught in parables was so that people could learn about different gospel topics by using their […]

“Restore FARMS” Support Organization

If you liked reading the original FARMS, join our new support organization, Restore FARMS, to help see it restored to its original mission. You can also like our Facebook Page to stay updated. There are many people who are disappointed with the events of the past week at the Maxwell Institute at BYU.  Indeed, it […]

Daniel C. Peterson – “Humble Apologetics”

This blog will not always have posts about temple studies, I admit, as there are other things that are at work today, about which I feel I must write a little.  They keep in the same genre of sustaining and defending the Church and its members. Over the past few days I’ve never heard so […]

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