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Sanctuary Vesture: A Brief Overview and Comparison

I’m very pleased to welcome another guest post by Matthew B. Brown.  Some of his writings, particularly his book The Gate of Heaven, are what inspired me to study the temple more in depth.  He offers a wealth of insight and learning for the Latter-day Saints. ~Bryce Matthew B. Brown holds a degree in history […]

The Universal Creation Song

Music is a fundamental part of worship, and was even more so anciently than it is today.  Before the printed word made the sacred word so accessible to the masses, it was passed on from generation to generation orally.  But this was not just the spoken word.  In order for the word to be remembered […]

Mormon Impressions of Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’

I just finished Dan Brown’s latest thriller, The Lost Symbol, which was published a few days ago on September 15th.  There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding this book, since 6 years have passed since the publication of his bestseller The Da Vinci Code, with 80 million copies sold worldwide to date.  Many wondered […]

Video Tour of Solomon’s Temple, Reconstructed for Nova

Grandpa Enoch once again points us to some great material, a video showing how Solomon’s Temple may have looked originally.  The below video is a short behind the scenes of a 2-hour Nova program that will air on Tuesday, November 18th, on PBS entitled “The Bible’s Buried Secrets.”  Looks like it will be an interesting […]

The First and Oldest Temple in the World? – Göbekli Tepe

Grandpa Enoch over at Pronaos wrote a few days ago that Archaeology Magazine‘s latest issue has a cover article by Sandra Scham entitled “The World’s First Temple”.  The magazine Science also did an article on the same subject back in January 2008.  There are many articles that are being published, all focused on one archeological […]

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