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The Greek Folk Dances: A Reprise

Hugh Nibley once made this audacious claim: “All the arts and sciences began at the temple. Dance, music, architecture, sculpture, drama, and so forth – they all go back to the temple”.  The more I learn, the more I am convinced of that statement. My mind returns again to posts I’ve written in the past about […]

The Traditional Greek Folk Dances and their Ancient Roots

When I originally wrote my paper on “The Genesis of the Round Dance,” I included a short section on the ancient Greek dance forms: The ancient choruses, dances, and songs of the dithyramb of Greece displayed the familiar pattern of a dignified, circular dance around the altar of Dionysus in the theater’s orchestra. In fact, […]

Joseph’s Coat of Many Marks

Genesis 37 recounts the story of when Jacob gave a special coat to his son Joseph, which was said to have “many colours.” Later, Joseph was sold into Egypt by his brothers, his coat stripped from him, and returned to his father Jacob. Hugh Nibley gives us some interesting insight into this episode, and the […]

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