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Nephi’s Temple Experience on the Mountain

If you have not had the opportunity to read David Bokovoy’s inaugural article in the new Interpreter journal, I recommend it. It discusses Nephi’s experience in 1 Nephi 11 when he was caught away to “an exceedingly high mountain” where he had a question and answer exchange with the Spirit of the Lord, and thereafter […]

Ancient Sealed Metal Plates with Perhaps Secret Temple Texts discovered in Middle East?

UPDATE: See the latest updates about this discovery at Jordanian Lead Plates: Authentic or Forgery? – David Larsen at HeavenlyAscents.com has pointed out an interesting recent discovery (see his posts here and here).  A collection of dozens of books made from metal plates have been found in Jordan that initial tests show date from the […]

Attaining the Resurrection in Mortality

The use of those two words together, resurrection in mortality, appears to be perfectly incongruous at first glance.  In our common parlance in the Church we understand resurrection to be something that can only happen after mortality.  The resurrection “consists in the uniting of a spirit body with a body of flesh and bones, never […]

Power in the Right Hand

I have been thinking recently about the power, significance, and symbolism of using our arms, particularly our right arm or hand.  I’m not sure what it is that gives this power to the way we use our arms and hands, but there is a fundamental force that comes from using them.  It could be that […]

The Importance of Temple Work

Last week I was asked by our bishop to present a 10-15 minute portion of a lesson today on the importance of temple work in our combined priesthood/relief society meeting. Our stake is preparing for a “temple month” theme for January, and our meeting today was meant to inspire us to be thinking about family […]

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