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The Future State of Kings and Priests of the Order of Melchizedek

I again return to a former post I wrote in 2008 about an obscure book I stumbled across entitled The Light of Truth as Revealed in the Holy Scriptures, published in 1916 by one Levi Rightmyer, a hefty book at 967 pages, and freely downloadable from Google.  I have still been unable to find any more […]

The Seal of Melchizedek – Part 5

(Continued from Part 4) It’s been a long time coming, since September 2008 to be exact, and I’d like to finally complete this series of posts on the seal of Melchizedek.  It is probably one of the most trafficked series of posts on this website.  It’s drawn a lot of attention, and may have even been […]

Mosaic Tabernacle as an Aaronic Temple

Note: I taught our Elders Quorum class today, and was assigned the topic of the Mosaic Tabernacle as a Temple.  Below are the notes and illustrations I used for my lesson. Review of prior lesson on the exodus: Children of Israel escape Egyptian bondage (Ex. 14) Moses leads them out Parting of the Red Sea, […]

The Seal of Melchizedek – Part 4

(Continued from Part 3) To continue my research I wanted to know as accurately as possible the story about this symbol, the “seal of Melchizedek,” as it was used in the San Diego Temple.  I couldn’t find a good account online, so I decided to go to the source.  Who better would know than the […]

The Seal of Melchizedek – Part 3

(Continued from Part 2) Having found the mosaics from Ravenna, Italy, that displayed this symbol in connection with Melchizedek, I wanted to do some more research to see if I could find the symbol mentioned anywhere else.  And, of course, I went to the best tool for online research – Google.  The difficulty with using […]

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